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Greetings from The North Pole! Or the west pole, far west further than Kenner... Lake Charles!

HO! HO! OH Boy do we have a lot to do in a week. Ok, enough with the PUNishments...

Dear Parents,

I'm presently packing up the LYTE gear to head to New Orleans for a week of FUN! Thank you so much for being a part of our Christmas show #3! A Christmas Cinderella. I look forward to seeing everyone very

By now you should be familiar with our host, MID-CITY THEATRE. Not as big as the UNO Thrust, but it's is very intimate. I know we'll have a wonderful production. Because of the size, all of our ticket sales are on-line until 1-1/2hr prior to each show. There is no pre-order form. The online box office is now open! Please invite all your friends. If there are any tickets available, they will be for sale at the door, but we absolutely cannot go over capacity. I've already given Fred one heart attack when he learned how many children were in the show! So please, get your tickets online ASAP.

Please note that the ticket sales go to the venue for use of facility. I appreciate the donations we've received. Those funds will cover the cost of production. Donations can be made at anytime but last call for program credit is Monday evening. Back Page: This program was made possible by: (in order of highest donor) Yep, peer pressure.

There are some other notable differences other than venue. Now that I am Faculty at McNeese (It's wonderful. I'm very happy here!) I no longer have access to University of New Orleans resources. #1 being film equipment. I'd love a designated parent volunteer to capture these wonderful memories (email me if interested). I'll still process DVD's for everyone from the Friday night or Saturday afternoon show to
be available for Sunday gift bags,1 per cast member, and mail order available.

When you go the website, you can click on the poster which will direct you to a larger poster you can print to post at your favorite Starbucks, bulletin boards, or hand out to invite friends.

So, in summary:
Buy Tickets Click Here For Tickets!
Donate  Click here to donate! 
Invite Friends
We need a videographer,

OH! We need a place for a cast party! A free place and potluck would be ideal. Perhaps you'd like to host? We can talk when I see everyone Monday!

Thanks so very much! This is my favorite thing to do all year.

Shannon R. Miller
aka, Shanta :-)