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Cast List!

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The Royal Family:

King Grumble-Knees: Casen Guttuso
Prince Charming: William Martin
Mister Snitwick: Seth Smith
Mister Sez-So: Parker Enright
Miss Hooty-Toot: Sarah Belsome
Miss Fuss-Pot: Emily Clulee
Miss Peeper: Kelsea Trecek

The Household:
Cinderella: Isabella Farraguia
Greta Snaggle-Bones: Megan Gernon
Lulu Lolly: Allie Norvell
Bella-Bomb: Alena Slapek
Fairy Godmother: Alexis Smith

Fairy Godmother Attendants:
Riley Cancionne & Sarah Blessey

The Mice:
Sam: Izzy Wollfarth
Nosy: Madi Sanderson
Cheese-head: Juliette Enright
Squeaky: Tyler Riggs
Nibbles: Zachary Clulee
Sweetie-Pie: Wesley Warren

Santa Claus: Kelvin Clulee

The Story-Tellers:
Angel: Catie Neumeyer
Tinsel: Caroline Neumeyer
Star: Christina Neumeyer
Yule: Caroline Martin
Noel: Autumn Trecek
Snow: Abby Webb

Riley Cancionne: Crystal Wings
Sarah Blessey: Silvermist
Vivian Poche: Miss Fancy-Pants 

Here are the line changes in the script that we would like you to study and learn:

PAGE 10:
"Snow: Please sing with us" - CUT

PAGE 13:
"Sweetie Pie: And I brought a thimble for an ornament, see?" - CHANGED TO "And I brought this paper heart for an ornament, see?"
"Squeaky: And here's a ball of string" - CHANGED TO "And here's a jingle bell!"
"Nosy: safety pin" - CHANGED TO "hair pin"

PAGE 16:
"CheeseHead: Everybody!" - CHANGED TO "Yeah, c'mon!"

PAGE 27:
"Sam: Ya know that Fairy Godmother hanging around the garden?"  - CHANGED TO "Ya know that Fairy Godmother who hangs around this garden?"

PAGE 28:
"Fairy Godmother: I'm your Fairy Godmother" - CHANGED TO "I'm your Fairy Godmother, and these are my magical little helpers."

PAGE 29:
"Fairy Godmother: ....Would you help me? (top of page)" - CUT
Right after Fairy Godmother line: "That's funny, it didn't work. I must be getting old." - ADDITION "Crystal Wings: You're not getting old! This is big magic!"
"Fairy Godmother: I want you to imagine the most beautiful dress...etc" - CHANGED TO "You're right, Crystal Wings. We're going to need some help. Can you help us? I want you to imagine the most beautiful dress...etc."
"Fairy Godmother: You there - there's a pumpkin growing in the garden" - CHANGED TO "Crystal Wings, there's a pumpkin growing in the garden"
"Fairy Godmother: Can you get it for me? Now I want you to dream very hard....etc" - ADDITION: "Can you get it for me? Thank you, dear. Now, I want you to dream very hard and imagine the most beautiful Christmas sleigh in the world. A ring and a ling a ding ding!"

PAGE 30:
"Fairy Godmother: Thank you, dear. Now once again. A ring and a ling a ding ding" - CUT
"Chorus: Ta-dah!" - CHANGED TO "Crystal Wings & Silvermist: Ta-dah!"
"Fairy Godmother: Anyone have a piece of cheese?" - CHANGED TO "Girls? You still have that cheese from lunch?"

PAGE 32:
"Cinderella: Fairy Godmother, how can I ever thank you?" - ADDITION "Fairy Godmother, how can I ever thank you? Or you, Crystal Wings and Silvermist? How can I ever thank all of you?"

PAGE 34:
"Yule: Everyone! Sing with us!" - CHANGED TO "C'mon guys - hit it!"

PAGE 35: (Whole page has been re-typed as follows:)
MISS FUSS-POT: Would you look at that right there, Miss Hooty-Toot! Have ya ever seen anything like it?
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Can't say that I have, Miss Fuss-Pot.
MISS FANCY-PANTS: What about you, Miss Peeper?
MISS PEEPER: Not in all my livin' days.
MISS FANCY-PANTS: Well of course not - not with your eyesight!
MISS FUSS-POT: Why, it's extraordinary!
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Fascinatin'! And downright...
MISS PEEPER: Flabbergastin'!
MISS FANCY-PANTS: An extravaganza!
MISS FUSS-POT: Now don't you break anything, Miss Peeper!
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Why that there's something egg-squish-it!
MISS PEEPER: Elly-gaunt.
MISS FANCY-PANTS: En-chanting!
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Refined! Why, what'd you say that's made of, Miss Fancy-Pants? Bone china?
MISS FUSS-POT: Plaster of Paris?
MISS PEEPER: Eye-talian marble?
MISS FANCY-PANTS: Silly putty.
MISS FUSS-POT: Look! Here comes the King!

PAGE 36:
"Miss Hooty-Toot: ....Nice little place ya got here" - ADDITION "Nice little place ya got here. I mean it. Real swell."

PAGE 37:
"Mister Sez-So: Miss Fuss-Pot!" - CHANGED TO "Mister Snitwick: Miss Fuss-Pot!"
"Miss Hooty-Toot: Miss Fuss-Pot? Fickle" - CHANGED TO "Miss Fuss-Pot? Hmph! The fickleness of men!"
"Prince Charming: Don't tell anyone, but I quite agree. Father, is this really necessary...etc" -
ADDITION: "Prince Charming: Don't tell anyone, but I quite agree.
Mister Snitwick: Miss Fancy-Pants!
Miss Fancy-Pants: Good evening sir how do yo do. Your invitation was not specific as to just how fancily dressed you would like everyone to be so I wasn't sure how many petticoats to wear so I wore 7. I hope that's the right amount.
Prince Charming: Perfect. 7 is my lucky number. Father, is this really necessary....etc"
"King Grumble-Knees: Subject? What subject?" - ADDITION "Subject? What subject? More importantly, which subject??"

PAGE 38:
"Mister Snitwick: Oh dear!"
- ADDITION "Mister Snitwick: Oh dear!
Mister Sez-So: Excuse you!"
"Lulu-Lolly: And I've got bunions!" - CHANGED TO "Well I'VE got BUNIONS!"

PAGE 42:
The tune of Lullay Thou, Tiny Little Child will be changed to that of God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen, and the new lyrics are below:
"Your wish is our command, my lord
It's for us to obey
We'll find the foot you seek, my lord
This shoe we'll fit today!

It's just a little Christmas wish
For Kings must have their way
O'er hill and stream, we'll fish, my lord
Your lass won't get away

A shoe, a slipper, or a boot
Whichever fits the lass
I really couldn't give a hoot
Just so he marries at last

It's just exactly as we planned
Hip hip hip hip hooray!
Oh, aren't love and life just grand?
A perfect Christmas Day!"

PAGE 43:
"Sam: We might not be your flying reindeer" - ADDITION "We might not be your flying reindeer anymore"

PAGE 45:
"Prince Charming: Suddenly, I have found my true love/Suddenly, I have found my way/Oh lady, it is you I dream of/Say you'll be mine on Christmas Day" - CUT
"Mister Snitwick&Sez-So: Princess"
- ADDITION "Mister Snitwick&Sez-So: Princess
Noel: And so the whole household made their way to the castle.
Prince Charming: Cinderella. Will you marry me?"

PAGE 46:

"Yule: The very next day was Christmas Day" - CHANGED TO "And suddenly, it was Christmas Day!"
"Chorus: YAY!" - CUT
"Tinsel: Everyone sing with us!" - CUT

PAGE 47:
"Prince Charming: May I have this dance?" - CUT
"King Grumble-Knees: Dance, ya fool kid! Dance!" - CUT
"Mister Snitwick: Cinderella" - CHANGED TO "Mister Sez-So: Cinderella."
"Yule: And all the Fancy Ladies came to wish them well!" - CHANGED TO "And all the Fancy Ladies were there to wish them well!"

PAGE 48:
"Miss Fuss-Pot: Couldn't be more delighted"
- ADDITION "Miss Fuss-Pot: Couldn't be more delighted.
Miss Fancy-Pants: Simply thrilled."
"Mister Sez-So: Cookies?" - CHANGED TO "Mister Snitwick: Cookies?"