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Rehearsal Schedule Information:

MONDAY, DEC 5: 3:30pm-6:30pm (Miss Rose will be there from 3-7 every day.)

TUESDAY, DEC 6: 3:30pm-6:30pm

WEDNESDAY: DEC 7: 3:30pm-6:30pm

THURSDAY, DEC 8: 3:30pm-6:30pm

FRIDAY, DEC 9: 3:30pm-6:30pm

SATURDAY, DEC 10: 9:00am-4:00pm (Miss Rose will be there from 8:30-4:30 - LOCATION TBA)


MONDAY, DEC 12: 3:30pm-6:30pm

TUESDAY, DEC 13: 3:30pm-6:30pm

WEDNESDAY, DEC 14: 3:30pm-6:30pm

THURSDAY, DEC 15: 3:30pm-6:30pm

FRIDAY, DEC 16: SHOW - 7:30 pm - call is 6:30 pm (Miss Rose will be there at 6, if not earlier)

SATURDAY, DEC 17: SHOW - 2:30pm - call is at 1:30 (I will be there at 1, if not earlier) SHOW - 7:30pm - call is at 6:30 (Miss Rose will be staying there through the day with her staff - if so 
desired, children can be left with us through the in-between time.)

SUNDAY, DEC 18: SHOW - 2:30pm - call is 1:30 pm (Miss Rose will be there at 1, if not earlier.)

Here are the line changes in the script that we would like you to study and learn:

PAGE 10:
"Snow: Please sing with us" - CUT

PAGE 13:
"Sweetie Pie: And I brought a thimble for an ornament, see?" - CHANGED TO "And I brought this paper heart for an ornament, see?"
"Squeaky: And here's a ball of string" - CHANGED TO "And here's a jingle bell!"
"Nosy: safety pin" - CHANGED TO "hair pin"

PAGE 16:
"CheeseHead: Everybody!" - CHANGED TO "Yeah, c'mon!"

PAGE 27:
"Sam: Ya know that Fairy Godmother hanging around the garden?"  - CHANGED TO "Ya know that Fairy Godmother who hangs around this garden?"

PAGE 28:
"Fairy Godmother: I'm your Fairy Godmother" - CHANGED TO "I'm your Fairy Godmother, and these are my magical little helpers."

PAGE 29:
"Fairy Godmother: ....Would you help me? (top of page)" - CUT
Right after Fairy Godmother line: "That's funny, it didn't work. I must be getting old." - ADDITION "Crystal Wings: You're not getting old! This is big magic!"
"Fairy Godmother: I want you to imagine the most beautiful dress...etc" - CHANGED TO "You're right, Crystal Wings. We're going to need some help. Can you help us? I want you to imagine the most beautiful dress...etc."
"Fairy Godmother: You there - there's a pumpkin growing in the garden" - CHANGED TO "Crystal Wings, there's a pumpkin growing in the garden"
"Fairy Godmother: Can you get it for me? Now I want you to dream very hard....etc" - ADDITION: "Can you get it for me? Thank you, dear. Now, I want you to dream very hard and imagine the most beautiful Christmas sleigh in the world. A ring and a ling a ding ding!"

PAGE 30:
"Fairy Godmother: Thank you, dear. Now once again. A ring and a ling a ding ding" - CUT
"Chorus: Ta-dah!" - CHANGED TO "Crystal Wings & Silvermist: Ta-dah!"
"Fairy Godmother: Anyone have a piece of cheese?" - CHANGED TO "Girls? You still have that cheese from lunch?"

PAGE 32:
"Cinderella: Fairy Godmother, how can I ever thank you?" - ADDITION "Fairy Godmother, how can I ever thank you? Or you, Crystal Wings and Silvermist? How can I ever thank all of you?"

PAGE 34:
"Yule: Everyone! Sing with us!" - CHANGED TO "C'mon guys - hit it!"

PAGE 35: (Whole page has been re-typed as follows:)
MISS FUSS-POT: Would you look at that right there, Miss Hooty-Toot! Have ya ever seen anything like it?
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Can't say that I have, Miss Fuss-Pot.
MISS FANCY-PANTS: What about you, Miss Peeper?
MISS PEEPER: Not in all my livin' days.
MISS FANCY-PANTS: Well of course not - not with your eyesight!
MISS FUSS-POT: Why, it's extraordinary!
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Fascinatin'! And downright...
MISS PEEPER: Flabbergastin'!
MISS FANCY-PANTS: An extravaganza!
MISS FUSS-POT: Now don't you break anything, Miss Peeper!
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Why that there's something egg-squish-it!
MISS PEEPER: Elly-gaunt.
MISS FANCY-PANTS: En-chanting!
MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Refined! Why, what'd you say that's made of, Miss Fancy-Pants? Bone china?
MISS FUSS-POT: Plaster of Paris?
MISS PEEPER: Eye-talian marble?
MISS FANCY-PANTS: Silly putty.
MISS FUSS-POT: Look! Here comes the King!

PAGE 36:
"Miss Hooty-Toot: ....Nice little place ya got here" - ADDITION "Nice little place ya got here. I mean it. Real swell."

PAGE 37:
"Mister Sez-So: Miss Fuss-Pot!" - CHANGED TO "Mister Snitwick: Miss Fuss-Pot!"
"Miss Hooty-Toot: Miss Fuss-Pot? Fickle" - CHANGED TO "Miss Fuss-Pot? Hmph! The fickleness of men!"
"Prince Charming: Don't tell anyone, but I quite agree. Father, is this really necessary...etc" - 
ADDITION: "Prince Charming: Don't tell anyone, but I quite agree.
Mister Snitwick: Miss Fancy-Pants!
Miss Fancy-Pants: Good evening sir how do yo do. Your invitation was not specific as to just how fancily dressed you would like everyone to be so I wasn't sure how many petticoats to wear so I wore 7. I hope that's the right amount.
Prince Charming: Perfect. 7 is my lucky number. Father, is this really necessary....etc"
"King Grumble-Knees: Subject? What subject?" - ADDITION "Subject? What subject? More importantly, which subject??"

PAGE 38:
"Mister Snitwick: Oh dear!" 
- ADDITION "Mister Snitwick: Oh dear!
Mister Sez-So: Excuse you!"
"Lulu-Lolly: And I've got bunions!" - CHANGED TO "Well I'VE got BUNIONS!"

PAGE 42:
The tune of Lullay Thou, Tiny Little Child will be changed to that of God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen, and the new lyrics are below:
"Your wish is our command, my lord
It's for us to obey
We'll find the foot you seek, my lord
This shoe we'll fit today!

It's just a little Christmas wish
For Kings must have their way
O'er hill and stream, we'll fish, my lord
Your lass won't get away

A shoe, a slipper, or a boot
Whichever fits the lass
I really couldn't give a hoot
Just so he marries at last

It's just exactly as we planned
Hip hip hip hip hooray!
Oh, aren't love and life just grand?
A perfect Christmas Day!"

PAGE 43:
"Sam: We might not be your flying reindeer" - ADDITION "We might not be your flying reindeer anymore"

PAGE 45:
"Prince Charming: Suddenly, I have found my true love/Suddenly, I have found my way/Oh lady, it is you I dream of/Say you'll be mine on Christmas Day" - CUT
"Mister Snitwick&Sez-So: Princess" 
- ADDITION "Mister Snitwick&Sez-So: Princess
Noel: And so the whole household made their way to the castle.
Prince Charming: Cinderella. Will you marry me?"

PAGE 46:

"Yule: The very next day was Christmas Day" - CHANGED TO "And suddenly, it was Christmas Day!"
"Chorus: YAY!" - CUT
"Tinsel: Everyone sing with us!" - CUT

PAGE 47:
"Prince Charming: May I have this dance?" - CUT
"King Grumble-Knees: Dance, ya fool kid! Dance!" - CUT
"Mister Snitwick: Cinderella" - CHANGED TO "Mister Sez-So: Cinderella."
"Yule: And all the Fancy Ladies came to wish them well!" - CHANGED TO "And all the Fancy Ladies were there to wish them well!"

PAGE 48:
"Miss Fuss-Pot: Couldn't be more delighted" 
- ADDITION "Miss Fuss-Pot: Couldn't be more delighted.
Miss Fancy-Pants: Simply thrilled."
"Mister Sez-So: Cookies?" - CHANGED TO "Mister Snitwick: Cookies?"

Auditions are Nov 12th 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm @ Mid-City Theatre
Click for Directions!
We're right next to Fetch Mid-City! feel free to bring your pet! 
Parents can check out Fetch while the children audition!

Auditions will be held individually, in order of arrival.  
However, a sign up is available HERE , so we know when to expect you!  
Just add your name next to a time slot 
Then click on any empty cell, 
Look to the top center next to Help for "All changes saved",
Then close the window! 

Please arrive 10min prior to your time.

Prior to Auditions:
Please read the script and be prepared to sing your favorite Christmas Carol, and bring a current photo!

Ms. Rose will have sides prepared at the Auditions to read for parts.

Cast list will be posted on line and emailed.

Rehearsals are Dec 3rd- 16th after school. A detailed schedule will be provided at Auditions.

Performances are Dec 16th, 17, and 18th with a Christmas cast party after!


Hey, Ladies and Gents - 

Some of you may remember me from this summer - I'm Miss Rose, and I'll be directing the Christmas show this year! Auditions are in a few days, so here are some things to remember:

1) Please make sure your child comes in comfortable clothing, with whatever food and water they need to be hydrated and energetic.

2) You don't need to worry about printing anything from the script - they will all be there for you!

3) Because we are so short on time, I ask that you please bring a piece of paper with your child's name, age, and the role they want most, as a well as a picture of them. This does not have to be a big fancy professional to-do - kitchen paper and a picture printed from home will do just fine! It is very important that you bring this with you.

4) Have fun! Here at LYTE, if you're happy; we're happy.

These are the sides I have prepared for Saturday. I ask that the girls learn two of the three passages provided for them, and that the boys do the same. I also ask that everyone pick and learn one of the two general readings provided. Thank you all so much! 

FAIRY GODMOTHER: It looks like your sadness is keeping you from the magic. You always believed in it before. But today you don't. I've come to make you believe again. Believe in the magic, believe in your dreams. They do come true, you know. 

FAIRY GODMOTHER: I wouldn't hear of it! What kind of a dream come true would that be? Now, I've tried this with kumquats and zucchini but I find pumpkins work best. You there - there's a pumpkin growing in the garden, in that direction. Can you get it for me? Now, I want you to dream very hard and imagine the most beautiful Christmas sleigh in the world.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Dreams don't last forever, dear. And this one ends at midnight. You must be home by then. Because at the stroke of midnight, all of this turns back into rodents and squash and your jolly old coachman will be on his way home.

PRINCE CHARMING: Father, is this really necessary? I think I've made myself quite clear on the subject. I know what you're up to here, and I promise you, I won't marry just any lady! Father, I won't get married until I fall in love!

KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: I won't have it, I say! It's high time the boy is married! Jingle bells and sugarplum pops! There must be someone! I need grandchildren, Snitwick! The kingdom needs an heir! And also - I'm lonely. I need the pitter-patter of little feet. A little snookie-wookie grandson to tuck in at night. 

MISTERS SNITWICK & SEZ-SO: Good evening, ladies. If you please, and rather if you don't please, I'm sure - we are humble servants of his majesty, the King. The Kind requests your presence, madam and ladies, at this evening's royal Christmas Ball. The halls will be decked, the harps will be struck, and so forth. Eggnog and Figgy pudding at seven sharp with pomp and grandeur to follow. 

MICE: Don't cry, Cinderelly. It's not so bad. It was such a lovely night - a night you'll always remember! Besides, you got us. We might not be your flying reindeer, but we'll always be your friends.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: A ring and a ling-a-ding-ding
It can be such a splendid thing
When you mop up your tears
And replace them with cheers
You'll be so delighted, you'll sing!

*All of these will be printed out and available to read from directly at auditions, but the more memorized you are and the better you know your choices, the more fun you can have!

I look forwards to seeing all of you on Saturday! Best wishes.

~Miss Rose

email questions to callboard@unolyte.org

We welcome your donations to help offset the cost of production!