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Audition Sides

Audition Sides:
1) You are my assistant, and I depend on you to assist me! Now if you don't find my Cave of Wonders immediately, if not sooner, I shall....I shall...I shall have you thrown to the lions!

2) Handmade rugs for sale! Turkish rugs, got your Turkish rugs right here! Salaam and greetings to you, sir. Care to touch one of my fine handmade rugs? Lovely, isn't it? Just look at this workmanship!

3) Yep, yep, this is the spot! Sure is, yep! 'Cause you said so, O Great Omar the Magic One! And everything you say is correct. Utterly, completely, hopelessly correct. Sure is, yep!

4) Now, I must remember the magic formula. Observe. Three steps to the right - two hops forward - one hokey pokey back, and - a ha!

5) This is wonderful! I've never seen the palace from this angle before. Look at all the people! They're like tiny toys. And look at the stars above! Oh, I can almost touch them!

6) Oh dear- someone's caught you in a net. There must be fishermen in these waters! You are so silly - why don't you breathe out of your gills like us? Your gills, dear - those things on the side of your head.