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Cast List!

I want everybody to know that this show would have needed 21 lead roles to accommodate all the talent this session has. There are going to be a lot of changes in the script, so don't worry about part "size" - a lot of surprises are coming your way. I need you all to understand that if you didn't get the part you wanted, it wasn't because you had a bad audition or weren't right for the part - it was just the choice I had to make for the show. You are all so amazingly talented that I almost tore out all my hair trying to make the cast list! You blew your counselors away at auditions today, and we can't wait to get started on this show with you. With much gratitude to every single one of you - Miss Rose.   
1st session shows.

    Baki- Zoe Springfloat
    Layla- Sophia Zaeringer
    Rana-Liz Schmidt
    Hadia- Kelsea Trecek
    Nasiba-Analene Mccullough

    Omar- Sage Sigler
    Geewiz- Allie Norvell
    Genie- Kim Schaubhut
    Sultan- Kaley Treadaway

    Rug Peddler- Autumn Trecek
    Incense Peddler- Aliuddin Khaja
    Silk peddler- Alex Rusnak
    Apple peddler- Catie Neumeyer   

    Thor- Joseph Angelette
    Yogi- Kelvin Clulee

    Babylon- Shamima Khaja
    Mamalon- Abby Webb
    Papalon- Zach Clulee

    Aladdin- Konnor Bordlee
    Jasmine- Vivien Poche
    Persia- Alena Slapek

    Fishie- Kate Puglise
    Cloud - Ariana Ghivizzani
    Prince Thor's Attendant - Richard Puglise
    Prince Yogi's Attendant - Sammy Ghivizzani

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